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This website has been created by Australians for Australians - though people from other countries are more than welcome to come along for the ride. The tips we share are drawn from our experiences after many years of travel and cover everything from staying safe while travelling, finding out-of-the-way gems to visit that are off the regular tourist routes, and making the most of both your travel time and your travel dollar. Many of our travel tips are on other websites, and include travel and destination guides by other travellers, so please don't be alarmed if a link takes you away from this site.
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Europe's Scenic Rail Journeys

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European train travel is all about efficiency, comfort and punctuality. But more often than not it is also about the experience: gazing out the window at Alpine glaciers or crossing famous rivers while savouring gourmet cuisine or enjoying the company of friends. These are some of Europe's most scenic railway journeys.

Britain: By Rail Or By Car?

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The average Australian tends to drive everywhere because in Australia that is the most logical and economical way to get around. But when it comes to travelling around Britain, it's a whole new ball game and rail travel is a very realistic and viable alternative. However, it's easy to get ripped off unless you know how to work the system.

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